Supporting Foster Carers, Adopters, Kinship Carers and Special Guardians

Our Connect Groups are currently available in Ipswich, Hadleigh and Bury St Edmunds. As we increase our volunteers we aim to grow these groups, so there are opportunities for families to meet across all areas of Suffolk. Connect groups are regular meet-ups for APROVED carers/adopters. They are informal, safe spaces run by our volunteers.  You can chat, grab a coffee and meet others who understand. All our groups are open to every approved carer/adopter regardless of belief, background or the agency they were approved through. We try to run our Connect Groups at different times and locations to make them as assessable as possible. These maybe play sessions, coffee groups, or evening meet-ups. They are usually held at Children’s Centres, church buildings, or Carers homes.- anywhere we can find a free appropriate venue. You will find welcome, friendship and peer-support. Form – Please get in touch to find our where your nearest group is.

“When asked to share something about the difference our Connect  Groups have made to us, I felt unsure and overwhelmed – what can I say? Then I realised they were exactly the same feelings I had when our adopted daughter first came home. We were overjoyed but had no idea what to do. The Connect Group was there. Initially it was just coffee and play and somewhere I felt safe to talk with people who understood, but years later it is somewhere that my husband, my daughter and I have all found friends for life. We have loads of fun and chat, but also help each other with more practical things such as school and accessing professional services. I really hope we can continue to welcome and support many more families in the future.”

I have been attending a Home for Good Connect Group in Ipswich for over 2 years. I was introduced to the group by a friend who is a foster carer, as my partner and I were going through the adoption process. After approval we18 months for a match. The Connect Group has been invaluable in a number of ways and made a huge difference to me emotionally in helping me to remain calm and grounded when things were uncertain. I was welcomed warmly to the group and people were keen to listen to our story, empathising and offering advice and thoughts in a non-judgmental manner. The group offers a safe space to discuss concerns and worries and it was reassuring to know that others have experienced similar problems and overcome them. At a number of points we were included in peoples prayers which was a comfort to me that others were thinking of us. I feel one of the biggest benefits has been that I have made new life long friends who understand what we have gone through and what is ahead!

Resources & Support

Text your prayers to our Prayer Team

As a Christian Charity, we believe that prayer is important aspect in the running of Home for Good:Suffolk, particularly in our role of supporting families and growing as an organisation.  Our prayer team will be able to pray specifically for families needs in a secure way.

What to do:

Text your prayer request to 07434462860

‘Please can you prayer for …

  • A decision about my child’s schooling
  • More patience and strength to get through these difficult days
  • My/my child’s health needs
  • Peace to rest upon my family
  • Sleep
  • Our holiday coming up
  • My new foster/adoptive child as they settle
  • My foster child and they move on

Anything goes! We are happy to prayer for people using their first names. So give us as much information as you fill is appropriate. All team members will have agreed to keep all information viewed and prayed for confidential.

Family events

Events often happen in school holidays/weekends when we aim to engage with children and adults who cannot make connect groups, as they are working or now of school age. The whole family is welcome!

In the past 3 years we have arranged 24 events in various Suffolk locations. These have included Christmas parties, parks, beaches, play and craft sessions, soft play, bowling, Laser tag, FLUX & tobogganing.

Facebook Group

Our closed Facebook group – CLOSED HFG: Suffolk Family Connect contains files, articles and posts which approver carers and adopters can access. Families must request to join and answer the questions presented. All members have to be validated by are administrator before they can join to ensure this is a safe space.

If you would like information about a specific topic but do not use Facebook please ask and we can email any files to you.


Books our families have found useful include: